Wildlife of Taiwan

In recent years, the Taiwanese government has increased  animal protection, and public awareness is also on the up, with large numbers of volunteers helping to, for example,  motorists to land crabs crossing a highway to lay eggs at sea. But the country still has a big  problem with its wildlife, particularly its endemic fauna. For example there are fewer than one hundred 100 Taiwanese white dolphins left – their population has collapsed due to pollution. The basic figures are:

  • Around 70 species of mammals,  500 odd species of birds (40 percent  resident), 90 species of reptiles, 30 amphibians, some 150 species of freshwater fish, and 17,600 named insect species, (including 400 butterflies),

Taiwan’s endangered species (BBC)

Fewer than 100 Taiwanese white dolphins remain – their population has plunged due to polluting factories.Formosan black bears are not faring much better. Although they are a national symbol and legally protected, they face extinction caused by poaching, habitat encroachment and public indifference.


A continent’s worth of biodiversity crammed onto a small island; Taiwan is truly a naturalist’s wonderland. The country’s location at the confluence of tropical and sub-tropical climate zones, its mix of continental and maritime species, and the mountain ranges that soar to almost 4,000 meters, combine to produce an amazing variety of flora and fauna.

Geography of Taiwan (Wikipedia)

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