Wildlife of the Yangtze

Yangtze WWF

The Yangtze is a region of extremes. Its dense mountain forests plunge into deep valleys through which the mighty Yangtze River flows. Only in the forests of central China can one find the beloved giant panda, munching on the numerous species of Fountain bamboo. This magnificent place is also home to a stunning array of wildlife including the elusive snow leopard and pheasants in all the colors of the rainbow.

Within the Yangtze region, WWF has identified the Minshan mountain range in the Sichuan and Gansu provinces as a particularly important landscape for biodiversity conservation. In addition to their high biodiversity, the Minshan Mountains play a vital role in watershed protection for the Yangtze River, regulating the flow of fresh water for more than 400 million people downstream.

Yangtze River – Wikipedia

The Yangtze is home to at least three critically endangered species: The Chinese Alligator, the Finless Porpoise and the Chinese Paddlefish. (This is the only other place besides the U.S. that is native to an alligator species.) The Finless Porpoise were counted in 2010 to be 1000 exemplars. More species have become extinct in the Yangtze than in any other river in China. This is due to commercial use of the river coupled with tourism and pollution. In December 2006, the Baiji (Chinese River Dolphin) was declared functionally extinct after an extensive search of the river revealed no signs of the dolphin’s inhabitance; however, one was sighted soon after

Yangtze dams pushing wildlife to verge of extinction

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