Snakes of Congo

Snake – The Congo Cookbook

Many African peoples do not eat snake meat; but some do. In the Congo River region, boa are sometimes smoked so their meat can be saved for later. Smoked Boa with Pili-Pili sauce is one way to prepare the smoked snake. It is made by crushing, mixing, and then pan-frying hot chile peppers, tomatoes, and onion in a pan of hot palm oil until they are tender, then adding water, salt, and smoked boa (soaked and rinsed in water) and then simmering for half an hour or more until the sauce is thickened. Poisonous snakes – Congo

Herpetologist Jackson is candid, funny, and precise as she chronicles her demanding and illuminating experiences collecting snakes, frogs, and toads in the flooded forests of the Congo… Sharply observant, considerate, and rough, Jackson is immensely entertaining in her exuberantly detailed descriptions of swarms of termites, ants, and mosquitoes; unpalatable food; and painfully rugged campsites. Add to that nearly surreal negotiations with officials, confounding relationships with guides and assistants, medical misadventures, and moments ludicrous and dramatic as she chases down poisonous snakes, handles animal remains, and snuggles to preserve and identify priceless specimens and forge cross-cultural scientific partnerships. Jackson is a dynamo, and her riveting, amusing, and revealing tales from the biodiversity front line awaken fresh appreciation for hands-on scientific inquiry and the wonders of nature.

Venemous snakes of the Republic of Congo

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