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Fat birder on Croatia

Croatia is unique in many ways. The great diversity of bird life and habitats, the remote, high and sometimes very rough mountain ridges, the huge forests, the steep karst terrains, the huge alluvial forests, and the very under watched bird life combines with the fantastic sea-coast, the most translucent sea of the World, the extremely friendly people, the cultural and architectural heritage, such unparalleled cities like the world-famous Dubrovnik or Koper, and last but not least the excellent foods (especially sea-foods) make it one of the best birding destinations in the continent for every keen European birdwatcher. Statistics show that 78 endangered (on a European level) species breed in Croatia and this is more, than any other small or medium-sized European country. In fact, Croatia is an ornithological oasis in Europe. I would say Croatia is simply the best!

A new life for Croatia’s griffon vultures

Rescued and nurtured for nearly a year then fitted with a satellite transmitter Letricia appeared reluctant at first to leave its island sanctuary and embark on its long and uncertain migration.

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AFC – 01/03/06 Poaching in Croatia

Three years ago, Italian poachers killed 85,000 protected birds in the protected areas of north-eastern Croatia, for which the total compensation sum amounted to almost 14 million Euro. For the total amount of smuggled birds, the compensation value would amount to breathtaking 70 million euros