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Birding sites in Denmark

Birding sites in Denmark, region by region, together with some practical information and a glossary of the more commonly used geographical terms that appear in the text.

Denmark is a relatively small country and the highest point above sea level is only 173m, but we have over 7000km of coastline with marshland, mudflats, inlets and coastal meadows. Furthermore, Denmark lies on the main migration routes between continental Europe and the rest of Scandinavia. In spring and autumn, a massive migration of landbirds – both raptors and passerines – takes place, while enormous numbers of wildfowl and waders stop off, some of them even spending winter here. We actually house almost the whole population of Pale-bellied Brent Geese from Spitzbergen in the winter months. In summer we are home to a large population of breeding waterbirds.

Birds of West Jutland

Combined with the innumerable wetland areas of the region, the extended coastline of West Jutland and its central location between the breeding grounds of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia and the “winter quarters” of Western Europe and Africa make the area a favourite resting place for migratory birds. In the spring, the migratory birds fly north and north-east; in autumn, the direction is reversed. The West Jutland bird areasare of international significance and have therefore been classified as Ramsar areas and EU bird sanctuaries. Read more about the best sites for birdwatching in Denmark. In our descriptions of each birding site you can get information about all the hotspots. Read the guide to the birds of West Jutland. Denmark is relatively unknown to birders who travel from Britain, but you will not be disappointed

Important Bird Areas in Denmark – BirdLife International

Wildlife sites in Denmark

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North Western Jutland
South Western Jutland
South Eastern Jutland
Eastern Jutland
Western Jutland
Southern Jutland
Northern Zealand
Western Zealand

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