Snakes in Egypt

Snakes of Egypt – exellent article charting the history of man’s relationship with snakes in this most ancient of cultures, and ending with a description of the country’s commonest snakes.

Most Egyptian snakes are harmless. The African egg eating snake is a widespread species with a range covering most of Africa and parts of Arabia. In Egypt it is restricted to the southern part of the Nile Valley. As the name suggests, it feeds on eggs and everything about it is geared to the consumption of eggs The Egg eating Snake is a very slender reptile, generally under a meter long and colored gray with black diamonds. Another helpful snake is the Sand Boa Eryx colubrinus), which is only a couple of feet long, but very deadly to the rodent population. Other unusual snakes include the Banded Snake (Coluber sinai) and the Hoogstraal’s Cat Snake (Telescopus hoogstraali), both found in the Sinai.

Reptiles and amphibians of Egypt

Among the 36 snake species, nine are poisonous and a further nine are rear-fanged snakes that are also poisonous although they are less of a risk for humans due to the necessity of getting part of the victim to the back of their jaws in order to inject venom

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Venomous snakes of Egypt

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