Wildlife tours in Estonia

Estonian Wildlife Tours offers you different kind of wildlife experience. Our focus are birds, butterflies watching and also we offer wildlife photographing in the hides. Personalized tours to pristine wilderness of Estonia, all year round Europe’s best kept secret for an amazing wildlife experience.

Why should you come to Estonia?

  • In  Estonia 8 different species of Woodpeckers can be found.
  • We have more White-backed Woodpeckers nesting in one national park than in whole of Sweden.
  • Compared with Poland, four times as many Ural Owls and six times as many White-backed Woodpeckers breed in Estonia!
  • The most common grouse of Estonian forests is Hazel Grouse with up to 40 000 pairs nesting here.
  • Estonia’s population of wolves and lynxes is one of the strongest in the world.
  • Brown bears, wolves, lynxes, European beavers and flying squirrel
  • We have 3-5 times more bears per km2 than our neighbouring countries.
  • About 18% of the country is afforded protection within nature reserves