Forests in Ethiopia

Ethiopian government says it has tripled forest cover in a decade July 2010

Ethiopia has announced that it has tripled forest cover from 3 percent in 2000 to 9 percent. This comes after a decade of intensive tree-planting initiatives: for example, in 2007 Ethiopia planted 700 million trees.

BBC – Ethiopia’s forests face extinction (2002)

Ethiopia could have no natural forests left by 2020, according to the author of a new UN report on forest fires in Ethiopia.

Mr Dechassa Lemessa, co-author of the report “Forest Fires in Ethiopia” complied for the UN Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia (UN-EUE), says that as a result of decades of devastating forest fires, less than 3% of the entire country is now covered with trees – prompting fears of an impending environmental disaster.

“Four decades ago, 40% of Ethiopia was covered by forests, now this has dropped to only 2.7%,”

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