Hyena feeding in Ethiopia

Hyena man of Harar by CharlesFred.

BBC NEWS The hyena man of Harar

The origin of feeding the hyenas date back to the great famine of the late 19th Century.

According to legend, the hyenas were fed by the inhabitants of Harar to appease the animals in good times, so that in times of drought they would not attack people or livestock.

Today, the hyena men of Harar make a living by feeding wild hyenas for the benefit of tourists and curious locals.

“It’s not much of a living, but it’s enough to survive on and I really enjoy being close to wild animals,” says Mulugeta.

But he says it is a dying practice and he is one of only two hyena men left in Harar.

Hyena man of Harar on Flickr above photo by CharlesFred

Video of feeding wild hyenas outside the walled city of Harar in Ethiopia

Taming Ethiopia’s hyenas

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