Lions in Ethiopia

Ethiopian lions (Wikipedia

Abyssinian lions are smaller than their east African cousins and the males have distinguishable black manes. Experts say only 1,000 Abyssinian lions (Panthera leo abyssinica) remain in Ethiopia. Despite concern amongst conservationists, the 60-year-old Addis Ababa zoo is selling lion cubs to taxidermists because they are unable to feed the cats and lack room to house them.

Muhedin Abdulaziz, the zoo’s administrator, said his US $64,000 budget was simply not enough to provide for more than 16 adult lions, which cannot be reintroduced to the wild. “There is a shortage of place and a shortage of budget and when they are over-populated, most of the time we send them to taxidermists,” Muhedin said. “It is not really good, but we do this is because of the problems we have,” he said.

Forest clearing threatens Ethiopia’s rare black-mane lions, elephants

The already endangered black-mane lions with just a thousand living in the wild, the Ethiopian national symbol along with some 300 elephants are in danger, after a strip of their sanctuary’s forest was cut down. Unfortunately, after all business is always over people and climate. The government, which is supposed to shelter these species, has granted 10,000 hectares of the forest land for clearing

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