Birds of Finland

The Fat Birder on Finland

As the easternmost country in Europe, Finland has many species of birds that are not easy to get to see elsewhere, e.g. Blyth`s Reed Warbler, Red-flanked Bluetail, Arctic Warbler, Pine Grosbeak, Yellow-breasted Bunting and Little Bunting.

List of birds of Finland – Wikipedia

Birding in Arctic Norway

This report documents the sightings on a two week whistle-stop birding tour of Finland and north-eastern Norway from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean (and back) via the Central Lakeland, Oulu Province, Koillismaa Region, Lapland, Varangerfjord, Karelia and the South Coast. For the most part the notes are copied straight from my notebook and reflect the shorthand nature of observations written in the field.

The main aim of this trip was to observe the many northern species typical of Fennoscandia, both new and familiar to myself. I decided to try and cover as much of the region as was possible, thereby experiencing the Arctic avifauna at the southern limits of its breeding range and the Siberian species at the western extensions of their ranges.

The trip exceeded all expectations with 204 species recorded, the highlights being the owls, bogs full of waders, eastern Warblers, Cranes, seabird cliffs and the unbelievably tame Red-necked Phalaropes. Birds aside, the landscapes of forests, lakes, bogs and tundra were a tranquil experience in themselves aided by the superb light and constant daylight in the north and the low mists which formed over the lakes from dusk to dawn.

Bird watching trip report – Finland

Fabulous birding adventures on the south coast of Finland

A Finnish birdwatcher living in Helsinki. Giving a bad example of finnish birding. Fond of birding by the seashores, preferably on desolate islands. The first arriving spring migrants are just as anticipated the following spring as they have always been. The migrating waterbirds, raptors, cranes, waders, passerines will never cease to fascinate.

Photo essays on Finland from Wild Europe

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