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Where to Watch Birds in France (book)

France is a superb country for birds and birdwatching. It offers perhaps the greatest diversity of habitats of any European country, with the peaks and foothills of the Alps and Pyrenees, the spectacular expansive wetlands of the Camargue, important seabird colonies on cliffs and offshore islands in the northwest, and large areas of low-intensity farmland and unspoilt forest in the interior. This guide opens up the best of birding in France to birders living in or visiting any part of the country.

Birdwatching in Northern France

A Birdwatching Guide to France North of the Loire

Wildlife and bird watching in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, “the Garden of France” is less than a day’s drive from the Channel ports, yet far enough south to shelter many southern species of animals and plants absent or very rare in Britain. The region’s wilder areas have much to offer wildlife and bird watchers or countryside lover, with nature reserves, nature trails and hide

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