Wolves in France

Wolves are present in 15 of the 94 départements of mainland France, including, for the first time in a 100 years, the French Pyrenees, with a total estimated population of 180 wolves in the country.

French farmers lose the battle to keep wolves from their door

A ferocious pastoral war over the reconquest, or repopulation, of France by large wild animals has entered a new phase – or two. There has been a victory for wild wolves and a partial defeat for government-assisted bears.

Wolf tracks spotted in central France

The grey wolf appears to have colonised the uplands of central France for the first time in 70 years, inviting another battle in a ferocious pastoral war between wolf-lovers and wolf-haters.

Wolf – the reappearance of wolves

Wolves were actively hunted and killed in France during a large part of the 19th century, and became extinct in the country by the 1930’s. Having once disappeared from France, wolves have now re-entered across the mountains from Italy, and are becoming established in the maritime Alps, in the Mercantour Parc.

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