Birds of Gabon

Birds and birding in Gabon

  • Despite being politically stable, sparsely populated and possessing large tracts of undisturbed habitat, Gabon is far from realising its potential and deserved status as a premier birding and wildlife destination.
  • Apart from possessing a relatively good transport and accommodation infrastructure, Gabon plays host to the best lowland forest birding in Africa. The Ivindo River Basin in the north-east of the country holds the most species-rich lowland forests in Africa.

Birds of Gabon

Over 670 species of bird have been recorded in Gabon. None of these are endemic but some such as the Dja River Warbler, Verreaux’s Batis, African River Martin and Black-chinned Weaver are restricted to Central Africa and have only small ranges. The Grey-necked Picathartes and Loango Weaver are classed as vulnerable species by the IUCN.

List of birds of Gabon

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