Elephants in Gabon

Elephants in Longue Bai, Gabon by Jefe Le Gran.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, as many as 60,000 forest elephants still roam the inmense forests of Gabon. In Loango National Park they can be observed wandering the white sand beaches during the rainy season from October to April. Above photo: a group of forest elephants at Lounge Bai by Jefe Le Gran on Flickr.

Gabon – Stronghold of Forest Elephants

Unlike some surrounding countries, Gabon has a stable government, a low human population density, and large tracts of intact and pristine forests. Consequently, Gabon may well be the stronghold of the forest elephant in Central Africa, and it is therefore imperative that this population is protected. The Elephant Listening Project has an expanding program of study and community outreach in this beautiful country.

In Loango National Park, on the coast of Gabon, ELP has been studying the effects of oil exploration on the ecology of forest elephants. The most important direct effect was that elephants became more nocturnal in response to human disturbance in the forest. Although apparently unrelated to the exploration activities, we also documented the sounds of gunshots, indicating high levels of illegal hunting in the park. As a consequence of that discovery, we are beginning a new collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society to study the effectiveness of reconnaissance patrols by government eco-guards on hunting activity. This will be the first attempt to directly measure how hunting activity responds to different conditions.

Elephant trials in Gabon (video) Gabon’s elephant trails provide passage for poachers and conservationists alike.

Explorer Mike Fay Survives Elephant Attack in Gabon

Africa explorer J. Michael Fay survived being charged and gored by an elephant in a national park in Gabon on New Year’s Eve. He received cuts and gashes on his arms and legs, including a puncture through his right bicep, but otherwise escaped serious injury. He is currently recovering in the capital city of Libreville.

Pictures of elephants in Gabon

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