Bateke Plateaus

Bateke Plateaus, Gabon

The Bateke Plateau is an ancient volcanic area.

Bateke Plateaus, Gabon

Made up of three protected areas: the Plateaux Batéké National Park in Gabon covers more than 1,400 square miles, and the contiguous Lefini Reserve and Lesio-Louna Gorilla Sanctuary cover approximately 2,600 square miles in Congo.

Forest elephants attracted by the mineral-rich sands have created a vast clearing, called Jobo Bai, which they visit repeatedly. In addition, there are healthy populations of gorillas, chimpanzees, several species of monkeys, buffalos, crocodiles, storks and other water birds, wild orchids, and butterflies.

Batéké Plateau National Park – Wikipedia

Batéké Plateau National Park is a national park in the Bateke Plateau, southeastern Gabon covering 2,034.95 km². Due to its purported universal cultural and natural significance, it was added onto the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 20th, 2005.

Gorilla reintroduction to the Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon

Plateaux Bateke Gabon on Flickr

Bateke Plateau National Park, Gabon – RARE Conservation

The 790-square-mile Bateke Plateau National Park, in southeastern Gabon, is remote. It’s a three-hour drive from the provincial capital and a two-day train trip from the nation’s capital, Libreville. Its rich biodiversity includes Grimm’s duikers, elephants, buffalo, and lions. In collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society-Gabon, Rare recently completed its Pride campaign there, headed by WCS employee Michel Ikamba.

Parc national des Plateaux Batéké – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

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