Wild boar in Germany

Numbers of wild boars up in Germany

Wild boars are breeding at a huge rate in Germany and wreaking greater havoc than in any other European country by destroying crops, killing pets and even attacking people, according to a new study.

Findings by the Hanover-based Institute of Wildlife Research show that Germany’s boar population rose by 320 percent last year because of better access to food and bigger litters of young.

Radioactive Wild Boars Increase in number

Radioactive wild boars are on the rise in Germany, where they have attacked and frightened residents in recent months.Their radioactivity stems from Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, which happened way back in 1986, but contaminated much of Europe. Apparently the nuclear contamination is still detectable in some animals, including Germany’s wild boars.

Wild boar in Germany (The Guardian)

Over the past couple of years, Germany’s wild boar population surged so dramatically that the tusked beasts became something of a menace – invading buildings, destroying crops and occasionally even attacking people. Still, if you’ve not seen one, there’s never been a better time, though they can be elusive. Hikers on a self-led walking trip through the romantic landscapes of Central Franconia, between the Main and Danube rivers have spotted them in the forests there, along with deer, buzzards and polecats.