Wildlife of Guyana

BBC documentary series about the Guyanan jungle – excellent. Follow youtube for rest of the film.

The Lost Land of the Jaguar (BBC site)

Cameras follow the team every sweaty step of the way as they explore the beautiful wilderness of Guyana, from abseiling down one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world to climbing to the very top of the rainforest trees. Known as the land of giants, Guyana is home to the huge anaconda, the world’s largest tarantula and giant otters

Gordon Buchanan goes in search of the elusive jaguar, while Steve Backshall abseils down one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world to see the creatures living there. Meanwhile, Justine Evans climbs to the top of the rainforest trees in search of monkeys and macaws and George McGavin explores rotten logs for whip spiders.

The wildlife and birds of Guyana

The forests and rivers of Guyana boast an amazing fauna that includes the likes of Giant Otter, Jaguar, Harpy Eagle and Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock. So it is surprising to say the least that this small country on the north coast of South America is not better known among wildlife-watchers.

Wildlife worth more than gold in Guyana

Anacondas, jaguars, tapirs and the world’s largest bird of prey are some of the species that have proven to be worth more than their weight in gold. Gold dredging has been outlawed in an unspoilt region of Guyana following a local campaign by concerned Amerindian villagers.

Wildlife Holidays in Guyana

he main habitations are along a narrow coastal strip and the rest of the interior is virtually pristine rainforest. Guyana marks the meeting point between the Caribbean fauna and flora of the coast and the Amazonian wildlife in its heartlands. Being surrounded by the lush rainforest canopy and the calls of the multitude of animals and birds within is a fabulous experience.