Wildlife of Indonesia

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Fauna of Indonesia Good Wikipedia page “Indonesia’s fauna has high levels of biodiversity and endemicity due to its distribution over a vast tropical archipelago. Indonesia divides into two ecological regions; western Indonesia which is more influenced by Asian fauna, and the east which is more influenced by Australasian species. The Wallace Line, around which lies the Wallaceatransitional region, notionally divides the two regions”

Wildlife Conservation Society working in Indonesia

The archipelago’s wide range of habitats are home to more than 1,600 species of birds—a staggering 17 percent of all bird species—including cockatoos, birds-of-paradise, hornbills, and mynas. More than 500 mammals—12 percent of the world’s mammal species—including the orangutan, rhino, tiger, and elephant, also live here. So do 1,000 species of amphibians, 2,000 species of reptiles, 8,000 species of fish, 25,000 species of flowering plants, and a mind-boggling 250,000 species of insects. Indonesia tops the global charts for “endemism”—or the number of species found here and nowhere else.

Extinct’ Sumatran rhino spotted in Indonesian forest – video (37 sec) WWF scientists  captured video of a Sumatran rhino, once thought to have been wiped out, in the Kalimantan forest in Indonesia (2013)

Wildlife trafficking hubs identified in Indonesia

The bulk of illegally traded wildlife moves through two “triangles” that span the Indonesian archipelago, an ecologist told scientists attending a meeting convened in Sanur, Bali by the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation.

Pictures of an endangered wildlife market in Indonesia Shocking and sad images $200 in your pcoket can get you an orphaned, caged orangutan at this market in Aceh, Sumatra. For three years the market has openly traded endangered species such as sun bears and pangolins, in conditions so bad that some animals die of neglect

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