Wildlife of Sardinia

Monte Albo in Sardinia from Wikipedia here, the island-s highest point.

The rugged island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean The coast is famed for its white sandy beaches and coves, though most stretches are formed by rocky cliffs, while inland is wild and mountainous. The south is quieter in terms of tourism and has numerous coastal lagoons. Wild flowers and insects are numerous, and interesting bird species in Sardinia include Eleonora’s Falcon, Purple Gallinule, Glossy Ibis, Little Bittern, Gull-billed Tern and Audouin’s Gull. The Monte Arcosu Reserve is home to the endangered Sardinian Deer

300,000 songbirds killed every year in Sardinia – but anti poaching campaign stepped up Bird poaching by means of traps and nets in southern Sardinia (Sarrabus and Sulcis) causes serious damage to wintering and migratory birdlife. Some 300,000 birds are thought to be killed a year. The birds are destined illegal sale to restaurants, shops and private individuals, probably amounting to several millions of Euros a year.

Reserve in the Gennargentu mountains.

Tourism with Sardinia’s shepherds – There’s only one way to see Sardinia’s wild interior, and that’s with the shepherds who tread its ancient trails (The Guardian)

Wildlife holiday in SardiniaNaturetrek run two wildlife tours to Sardinia: an 8-day holiday in search of the plants, birds and butterflies of the island’s coastal lagoons and mountainous interior; an 8-day holiday looking for the island’s exotic dragonflies.