Mammals of Kenya

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New species of Elephant shrew found in Kenya

A team of scientists working in the threatened Boni-Dodori rainforest in Kenya has discovered what is thought to be a new species of elephant shrew. Weighing in at a hefty 600g, the two-foot long creature is unusually large compared to other species.

Books about Kenyan mammals

Traveller’s Guide – Wildlife of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

The perfect companion for the safari enthusiast, this complete traveller’s guide to the wildlife of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda features 475 species of bird, mammal, snake, lizard, insect and tree. A must-have for all those considering a trip to the game reserves of this highly popular region. This series is designed to give visitors to far-away places a handy identification guide to the wildlife they might see as they travel around. Written and illustrated by wildlife experts who have been leading safaris in the region for over 20 years, each species is illustrated with a full-colour photograph and features a full species description. It includes information on wildlife photography such as the best type of camera, film and lenses to use, information on techniques and codes of conduct.

The Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals – the famous classic identification guide to African mammals

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals is the standard identification guide to all African land mammals. This new pocket guide is an adaptation of the original into a standard field-guide format. The greatly condensed text focuses on essential information such as identification and distribution, while the author’s superb illustrations have been rearranged into an easy-to-use plate format and placed opposite the text. Complex and more obscure groups like the bats and certain rodent families are summarised by genera. This is a practical, lightweight guide, ideal for use in the field and more suitable than the original for the lay person and tourist on safari. “Excellent, comprehensive field guide so you can tell your puku from your lechwe.” BBC Wildlife
This exciting guide aims to inspire and help travellers to plan and enjoy safaris in Kenya’s finest wildlife reserves. In addition to offering advice on planning your trip and discussing available options as well as park etiquette, the guide offers an overview of Kenya’s natural environment and wildlife, including an informative gallery of species. Kenya’s 10 best parks or groupings of parks are profiled, which includes an overview of the featured park, a brief history, a description by area of the park, and special features to look out for. The parks all offer breath-taking scenic beauty, game viewing, a range of accommodation and facilities as well as tours and walks or hikes. Each park profile also includes: panels on matters of special interest, e.g. wildlife, wildebeest migration, mountains, etc; scenic and wildlife photographs; detailed maps showing biomes, routes, camps, picnic spots, scenic spots, places to see, etc; tables showing the range of accommodation, activities and facilities available; what to look out for at which time of year; game-viewing checklist; gate opening- and closing- times; and, contact details of featured park, for bookings.

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