Lions in Kenya

Lion, Kenya: Lions face extinction in Kenya within 20 years

Lions face extinction in Kenya within 20 years

Kenya is annually losing an average of 100 of its 2,000 lions due to growing human settlements, increasing farming, climate change and disease, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service. There were 2,749 lions in Kenya in 2002 and their population dropped to 2,280 by 2004 and to roughly 2,000 today.

Saving Kenya’s last wild lions by fencing them out Article looking at the construction of predator-proof livestock enclosures in prime big cat habitats in Kenya’s Masai Mara region.

Big cat populations in East Africa are crashing due to retaliatory killings by pastoralists. In the Masai Mara, the problem threatens one of Africa’s most famous and important lion populations as pastoralists are increasingly intolerant of livestock predation. This project expands an existing successful project in the Mara that has effectively reduced human/lion conflict by preventing predation through securing livestock enclosure

Interview with Masai lion conservationist Antony Kasanga

The assistant director of the Lion Guardians program, talks about the Maasai’s new role in Kenya in protecting the lion population.

Kenya Maasai Lion Guardian

A Lion Guardians has two main roles
(1) A Lion Guardian tracks and monitor lions. Both collared and uncollared ones. If there is any uncollared lions in his area, then he reports it for possible collaring.
(2) A Guardian helps his community in a number of ways. These include: fencing of weak boma (a thornbush enclosure) to prevent carnivores from taking livestock at night, looking for lost livestock that get lost before they are killed by carnivores, informing herders of the direction of carnivores while grazing, and educating the community on better livestock husbandry techniques.

Lion Guardians in Kenya


Living with Lions initiated the Lion Guardians project in 2006 in collaboration with the local communities of Mbirikani group ranch and the Maasailand Preservation Trust. The impetus to create this project was in response to the slaughtering of over 200 lions in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem since 2001.

Retaliatory and traditional spearing by Maasai warriors (morans) is the greatest threat to the survival of lions in Kenyan Maasailand today. The Lion Guardians project attempts to reduce the pressure on lions by employing their former greatest enemy, the Maasai warrior, to conserve them rather than kill them.

Good fences make good neighbors of Kenya’s lions and herders

Big Cats Initiative grantee Anne Kent Taylor wraps up the account of her recent visit to herders in the Masai Mara district of Kenya, where she has been providing wire fencing to protect cattle from predators in return for a promise from ranchers to stop persecuting lions.

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