Wildlife of Liberia

Liberia Loses most of its elephants 19,000 of Liberia’s 20,000 elephants had been lost since the 1980s, with 1,000 animals still roaming the country’s forests. See also 95% of Liberia’s elephants killed by poachers

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Sierra Leone & Liberia create major trans-boundary park 2009.  Sierra Leone and Liberia have estabished a new Trans-boundary Peace Park, to protect one of the largest remaining blocks of intact forest in the Upper Guinea Area of West Africa. The Peace Park unites the Gola Forest Reserve in Sierra Leone (75,000 ha) and the Lofa and Foya Forest Reserves in Liberia (80,000 ha and 100,000 ha respectively)

Liberia : Gov’t Bans Bush Meat

Liberian Mongoose

The Liberian Mongoose (Liberiictis kuhni) is a mongoose that was discovered in Liberia in 1958. Little was known about the animal except what local natives related. The animals were said to live in small groups and fed on earthworms and various other insects. The exact distribution is unknown, but may extend from Sierra Leone to the Ivory Coast. Confirmed sightings are restricted to forests in Liberia and the Tai National Park in the Ivory Coast. A live specimen was exhibited at the Toronto Zoo, but civil war in Liberia has prevented further study. Due to its limited range and that it is heavily hunted, the Liberian mongoose is considered endangered.