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There are more endemic animals than plants in the Maltese Islands. Many a time, the animal in question has been confused with a different species from a close country e.g. the Sicilian shrew in Gozo which has been defined as a subspecies of its own.

Below is a list of some endemic animals (together with their classification):

  • Maltese Field Beetle Pimelia rugulosa ssp. melitana
  • Schembri’s Spider Fly Ogcodes schembrii
  • Maltese Ruby Tiger Moth Phragmatobia fuliginosa ssp. melitensis
  • Swallowtail (Maltese subspecies) Papilio machaon ssp. melitensis
  • Maltese freshwater crab Potamon fluviatile ssp. lanfrancoi
  • Maltese Palpigrade Eukoenia christiani
  • Maltese Wall Lizard (this species has many subspecies, four of which are endemic to the Maltese Islands) Podarcis filfolensis
  • Sicilian Shrew Crocidura sicula ssp. calypso


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Every year, around two million wild birds are massacred on Malta as they migrate from Europe to their winter quarters in Africa. Some species, such as the peregrine falcon, have now disappeared from the island altogether. The European Union has the hunters in its sights, but as Anne Penketh reports from Valletta, they are proving an elusive – and defiant – quarry


Wildlife of the Maltese Islands

This is the English translation of the landmark publication Flora u Fawna ta’ Malta (EPD, 1995) that brings together the expertise of nine authorities in various fields of local botany and zoology