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Birding Mongolia covers any issue concerning wild birds in Mongolia: Conservation, migration, observations, identification, events etc. Contributions featuring other aspects of Mongolia’s natural heritage, as well as information on birds from regions bordering Mongolia are posted to the blog from time to time, too.

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Mongolia abounds in waterfowl, waders and raptors and small passerines which live in grasslands (larks & finches) and birds which are adapted to alpine terrain and to the taiga of Siberia. The wetlands of northeastern Mongolia (on the border of Russia) are the home of various species of nesting (and endangered) cranes, not to mention many species of geese, ducks and other waterfowl. The salt lakes south of Bayanhongor also have immense concentrations of waterfowl, including Whooper Swans and one of the rarest and least known birds in the world – the Relict Gull.

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Marmots are key members of the steppe ecosystem, providing food for wolves, foxes, and eagles and providing shelter and homes for many mammal species. Even birds, such as ruddy shelducks and Isabelline wheatears, nest in marmot burrows.

Mongolian bird names

A list of bird species of Mongolia, with names in Mongolian, Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Kazakh. Entries include pronunciation (in the case of non-Latin scripts) and meaning. (Currently Kazakh names are given only in Kazakh scipt, but this will be rectified in future).

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Birds of Mongolia


Mongolia is a huge landlocked country in the centre of Asia. It encompasses a diverse range of habitats including forests, mountains, vast plains and of course the Gobi Desert. For many years it was closely allied with Russia, although it has never been part of the Soviet Union. There has never been a guide to the birds of Mongolia before and this new field guide will provide full details of every species to be found in the country. Written by Sundev Gombobaatar, Mongolia’s foremost ornithologist

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Mongolia’s 246 species of birds include 108 species of passage migrants, seventy-four species of residents, 231 species of summer visitors and thirteen species of winter visitors that breed in Siberia. The bird fauna is particularly rich in waterfowl and shorebirds which, including gulls and terns, number 120 species, and birds of prey (thirty-eight species). They are thirty-four species of warblers, fifty-four species of butings, finches and sparrows, and six species of accentors. All species that occur in Mongolia, even if they are migratory and spend only short periods in the country, are covered by Mongolian Laws on Hunting and Environmental Protection. Since many of the bird species of Mongolian and some of the mammals are migratory, collaboration with the neighboring states of the Russian Federation and China is essential to give adequate protection to Mongolia’s wildlife. On the steppes, you will certainly see many White-naped crane (Grus vipio-see the picture on the left side), Gypaetus barbatus, Grey Demoiselle Cranes-the most common bird in Mongolia. Other steppe species include the upland Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, Black Kite and some assorted owls and hawks. In the mountain, you may be lucky to spot species of ptarmigan, finch, woodpecker and owl. The avifauna includes some Central Asian endemic species, the Altai Snowcock (Tetraogallus altaica) and Kozlov’s Accentor (Prunella kozlovi), and a number of world and regionally endangered species such as White-naped Crane (Grus vipio), Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus), Hooded Crane (Grus monacha), Pied Harrier (Circus melanoleucos), Great Bustard (Otus tarda), Eurasian Black or Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus), Dalmation Pelican (Pelicanus crispus), Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni), Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia), Relict Gull (Larus relictus), Swan Goose (Cygnopsis cygnoides), and Bearded Vulture or Lammergeyer (Gypaetus barbatus).

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