Wild asses in Mongolia

File:3 khulan am Wasser Abend.jpg

Photo Mongolian wild ass by Petra Kaczensky

Mongolian Wild Ass (Wikipedia)

The Mongolian Wild Ass’s distribution range was dramatically reduced during the 1990s. A 994–1997 survey estimated its population size at 33,000 to 63,000 individuals over a continuous distribution range encompassing all of southern Mongolia. In 2003, a new survey found approximately 20,000 individuals over an area of 177,563 square kilometres (68,557 sq mi) in southern Mongolia. The population estimates of the Mongolia population should be treated with caution due to a lack of proven survey protocols. Despite that, the subspecies lost about 50% of its former distribution range in Mongolia in the past 70 years.

Mountains, roads and railways: a natural barrier to survival for Mongolia’s wild asses

The Gobi Desert in Mongolia represents one of the most important refuges for a number of endangered species, but the ass is finding increasingly difficult to find food as it competes with domestic animals for food and water. By tracking nearly 20 asses using radio transmitters, the research team discovered the animals ranged widely and that they avoided hilly or mountainous regions

Asiatic Wild Ass – Equus hemionus;; IUCN/SSC

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