Reptiles of Morocco

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Endemic reptiles of Morocco – this list is not exclusive

Reptiles found only in Morocco include the Atlas Mountain Viper, the Moroccan Worm Lizard, the High Atlas Day Gecko, the Moroccan Day Gecko, the Banded Toed Gecko, the Mionecton Skink, the Many-scaled Cylindrical Skink, the Mountain Skink, Busack’s Fringe-fingered Lizard, the Coastal Common Fringe-toed Lizard, a sand lizard Mesalina simoni, and the Green Psammodromus. The Atlas Dwarf Lizard represents a recently described endemic genus.

FOLKLORE, MYTH AND EXPLOITATION OF REPTILES IN MOROCCO – Fascinating. Morocco possess a varied and fascinating folklore on herpetofauna.

A number of very curious beliefs surround the desert monitor, Varanus griseus. Some desert tribesmen believe that this lizard harbours the souls of their ancestors, and in such regions the animal is regarded as sacred, and is not harmed. The Tuaregs also believe that its head is a potent talismen against snake bites. In most other regions, however, few positive opinions are to be found and it is killed on sight. Most people seem to believe that the desert monitor is extremely aggressive and that it can jump to a height of several feet, to deliberately bite a man in the face. Even a blow from the lash of its tail may have serious consequences, resulting in sterility or internal bleeding. Hungry Varanus griseus are also said to attack fully grown camels!

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