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Wildlife safaris – Norway official travel guide

Go on wildlife safaris. Swim with killer whales, get close to king crabs, or see reindeer, musk oxen, elks and birds at home in their natural habitat.

Polar bears in Norway (The Guardian)

On 28 July 2007, my wildlife bar was raised to a ridiculously rarefied height. This from my log: “A white beast on a white background is not easy to spot, but it is why we come to this lonely northern archipelago of Spitsbergen. After two days of indifferent foggy weather a 6am sunbeam seared through the cabin porthole seducing me to the bow. Within moments precision optics were trained on a distant ivory blob and it proved to be a large male bear. Reaching for my radio to wake the passengers, someone pointed out another, this one with cubs. A small, quiet ship enables incredible viewing and for two hours we watched this single parent family parade in their icy backyard. As they swam away we retreated but, astonishingly, off starboard there was another, only this time with younger, more playful cubs. They cavorted to a clatter of applause from 50 or more cameras. But gradually, like a passing shower, the rattle of shutters faded; some moments are beyond memory card or celluloid. ‘The best day of my life,’ said a seasoned traveller to me, it was also mine.”

The Engabreen Glacier

Nature presenter Paul Evans was invited by scientists from Bristol University to spend a week with them living in tunnels underneath a glacier in arctic Norway. The scientists were studying recently discovered life – microscopic organisms living in and beneath the glacier.

Killer whales in Norway (The Guardian)

Snorkelling in an icy fjord among killer whales may sound extreme, but it’s worth taking the plunge to get up close to these magnificent creatures,

And a more amusing one: Norwegian hunter misses moose but bags man in cabin toilet

Musk ox safaris in Norway Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of the few places on earth, where you can see the mighty musk oxen.

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