Snakes of the Philippines

The Philippines is home some of the deadliest snakes in the world, including the much feared Philippine Cobra, the most toxic of all cobra species, ranked as the world’s third most venomous snake.

Snake bites in the outdoors

There are indeed many snakes in the Philippines. Out of a few hundred species, there are 30 poisonous snakes in the archipelago. Most of them stay in rural areas, preying on small mammals such as rats and mice. Usually they prefer moist areas such as rivers, being cold-blooded animals.

Venomous Philippine Snakes

There are about 19 venomous snakes which can be found in the Philippines, details of which are in the list of venomous Philippine snakes below. Some of these are very rarely seen here but others are quite common in rural areas and even come into populated areas. There are many more species of non venomous snakes in the Philippines but the best advice is to treat all snakes as potentially dangerous and leave them well alone.

Most snakes are shy and tend to avoid contact with humans, they certainly don’t hunt humans and only present a danger if they are cornered or injured in which case they will defend themselves.

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