Wildlife of Poland

Wildlife watching in Poland Excellent introduction with loads of resources


Mammal watching in Poland – very interesting

I spent several hours driving each night with a spotlight along the public roads through the park (there is a comprehensive network of roads but most are closed to public traffic). I also took a couple of walks and a long bike ride. My main target species were European Bison and Lynx. I knew there was very little chance of seeing the latter but Bialoweisa is one of the better places to look. Having said that one guy I spoke to had spent 25 years working in the park and had seen 4! The road from Bialoweisa to Narewka is probably as good as any of the public roads to look for them I reckon.

Poland Wild Wonders of Europe

From the Warta Mouth National Park at the border with Germany to the deep forests of Bialowieza National Park in the southeast, from the Baltic Sea to the mountains of the High Tatra, Poland delivers many fine examples of what nature in central Europe looks like – or rather: once looked like.
Migrating Arctic swans, geese and ducks find excellent roosting and stopover sites in the lower Oder river and its tributaries and in the shallow waters of the Baltic.
In early spring cormorants return to their breeding colonies along the coast, some of them with more than 10.000 pairs, whilst the marshes of the rivers Biebrza and Narew turn into a birder’s paradise, alive with terns, bittern, great snipe, cranes, warblers and many other species that are endangered in most other countries of Western Europe where their habitats have been largely destroyed.

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