Beavers in Poland

There are an estimated 20,000 beavers in Poland

Beavers responsible for Poland’s flooding

Beavers are partly to blame for the devastating floods that have swept Poland killing 15 people because the animals tunnel through vital defences protecting the cities, the interior minister has said. See also European beavers and floods: An endangered species AND a scapegoat

The European beaver is a native animal of Poland. In the early Middle Ages it used to be one of the most common animals in our country. For many centuries the beaver was very highly valued game. Polish black beaver coats were considered by foreign markets to be the most beautiful. Beaver meat was sought-after by medieval monasteries and magnate courts, which were obliged by numerous fasts. Some believe that in those times beavers were considered to be fish due to their tails covered with pseudo-scales, and fish dishes were thought meatless. Since the oldest times, the fragrant gland secretion, so called “castoreum drops” (castoreum), was considered to be the cure for all ailments, and described in books: “when used in very large dishes it has an exciting effect, increases the warmth and draft of the skin, as well as the pulse. Castoreum drops are used to treat the following ailments: hysteria, hypochondria, exhausted nerve sense, brain and spinal narrow oddities, nerve seizures, headaches, faintings, heart poundings, migraines and chest cramps, lower stomach nuralgia, and by obstetricians when delivering babies”.

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