Iberian lynx in Portugal

The Iberian lynx became extinct in the wild in Portual in the late 1990s. Portugal has recently joined the Spanish captive breeding programme and now has 16 lynx in captivity.

Lynx in Portugal

  • There are now a total of 16 Iberian lynx in captivity in Portgual (11 males and 5 females) at the new breeding centre in Silves in the Algarve, which have transferred from Spain.
  • The first Iberian lynx returned to Portugal after twenty years as part of the captive breeding programme. Watch video and report in Portuguese here with interview (in Spanish)

First Iberian lynx born in captivity in Portugal

Two Iberian lynx have been born in captivity in Portugal, the first time since the endangered species was reintroduced last year, the Portuguese environment ministry said Tuesday.

The two baby lynx, born on Sunday, were the first from Azahar, a five year-old female, and the first of the species raised in Portugal in the context of the conservation programme run by Portugal and Spain for five years.


SOS Lynx is a conservation charity based in Portugal, working to prevent the extinction of the Iberian Lynx. Its aim is to stop the declining of the Iberian Lynx and other lynx speicies