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It is not easy to find a birding place like Romania in Europe. The official bird list of Romania holds an impressive number of bird species. Until now 395 species of birds have ben sighted on Romanian territory. During our tours we are aiming to see the rare birds that define our country and more. The maximum number of birds seen during one of our tours was 210. This is possible only in April when bird migration holds a lot of surprises for the visitor.

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Ibis Tours organizes a great variety of birdwatching tours and nature holidays in the Danube Delta and Dobrogea and extends tours to take in the Carpathians for the observation of bears and wolves. Cultural aspects are, however, never forgotten.

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Theres no doubt about it, the Danube delta is the best place in Europe for birds yet still most British birdwatchers haven’t been there – so begins Dave Gosney in his booklet about birding in Romania. Indeed, the Danube delta along with the lagoon system and plains south of it host massive numbers of bird species and individuals that make this region a birding Eldorado for the visitors.

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