Climate change in Russia

Climate change in Russia’s Arctic tundra

For 1,000 years the indigenous Nenets people have herded their reindeer along the Yamal peninsula. But their survival in this remote region of north-west Siberia is under serious threat from climate change as Russia’s ancient permafrost melts.

Russia – the world’s biggest country by geographical area – is already warming at one and a half times the rate of other parts of the world. If global temperatures do go up by the 4C many scientists fear, the impact on Russia would be disastrous. Much of Russia’s northern region would be turned into impenetrable swamp. Houses in several Arctic towns are already badly subsiding.

Climate change in Russia: ‘The seasons are being shunted’ (Audio) Luke Harding reports from northern Siberia on the effects of global warming

Russia burns in hottest summer on record

It’s not only North America that is suffering one of the hottest summers on record. Russia has been enduring weeks of oppressive heat, now worsened by spontaneous peat and forest fires that are pumping smoke into the air. While millions are gasping, hundreds of people trying to cool off have drowned–and Russia’s crops are shriveling.

Russia to be Particularly Screwed by Climate Change

The world’s biggest energy exporter is more exposed to the extremes of an evolving climate than European and Central Asian nations, the Washington-based lender said in a report today. The depth of seasonal melting in areas covered by permafrost may increase by as much as 50 percent by 2050, the bank forecast.

Climate change in Russia – possible consequences for health

These years Russia has been witnessing anomalous weather phenomena more often than before. The summer heat in Moscow and other cities, floods, storms are actual prove of it. It maybe connected to the global climate change to a certain degree. The aperiodicities effect people’s health, and today climate change is regarded as one of the risk factors, like smoking, alcohol, excessive eating, lack of physical exercise and others.

Russia concerned by impact of climate change on Arctic peoples

Arctic peoples and their cultural inheritance are vulnerable to rising global temperatures, the Russian president’s adviser on climate change said at the Fifth Arctic Leaders’ Summit in Moscow on Wednesday.