Wildlife of Siberia

Siberian wildlife photos (BBC wildlife) Toshiji Fukuda has been taking surperb photos of the wildlife of Siberia for 20 years. He works with the Russian Academy of Sciences, travelling in the Russian Far East to document research themes in the taiga and tundra. Attracted to remote locations in Siberia, Fukuda’s images provide  offer fascinating insights into animal life.  This series showcases photos of  Iony Island. See also his own website


Coldest places in Siberia (this site)


Wildlife of Siberia – Wikipedia including

Geography and geology of Siberia (Wikipedia)

Wildlife photography in Siberia and Central Asia. – Oleg Kosterin

Pipeline risk to Siberia wildlife This is one of the most protected areas of Russia. The lush forests of the Pine Valley nature reserve are home to dozens of endangered species – none more rare than the Amur Leopard.

Wildlife holidays in Siberia

Birdwatching in Siberia offers birdwatching, cultural and sightseeing tours, adventure expeditions, fishing and rafting, eco-tourism, Lena river cruises, and also, we are able to organize reindeer sledding, husky sledding. “64 species of mammals and 280 species of birds live in Yakutia, and many of them are rare or vanishing. Today there are 15 species of cranes in the world, six of which in Yakutia. These birds fly for thousands of kilometres to give birth to their posterity here in the north. Siberian white crane — sterkh – kytalyk — has long be thought by Sakha people to be a sacred bird. ”

SOUTHWEST SIBERIA 2011 – Central Asia Birding This  tour vists  the very best of Russia, South-West Siberia! Siberia has some of the most fabulous heritage of the natural world. An immense part of Russia which covers no less than 59% of the entire Russian territory and an amazingly 23% of the entire Asian landmass. During this remarkable tour we will visit the southwest of Siberia into the famousAltaiRepublic. Visit three amazing ecotypes and look for key Siberian species, beginning with the rich farmlands of the South-Siberian lowlands. Then we move  into rugged peaks of the Altai mountains with there rare birdlife, Finally, we will visit the steppe zones bordering Mongolia.

Absolute Siberia- Wildlife Viewing