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Andrew Folker made good use of his new found leisure time when earlier this year he decided to set off for Senegal in West Africa with the idea of seeing the end of the Dakar car rally.  In the event it was cancelled but instead he found a country that was both fascinating and welcoming. This under-visited destination is fairly easy to get to and politically stable.  They organised their own trip and their flight via Casablanca landed in the capital Dakar, where they stayed for a few days.

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The official dish of Senegal is ceebu jen (or thebou diene) — rice and fish. It comes in two varieties (red and white — named for the different sauces). The Senegalese love ceebu jen and will often ask if you’ve ever tried it, and it is definitely part of the experience. Even better if you get the chance to eat with your hands around the bowl with a Senegalese family! Keep your eyes out for the delicious, but elusive ceebu jen “diagga” which is served with extra sauce and fish balls. Other common dishes are Maafe, which is a rich, oily peanut-based sauce with meat that is served over white rice. “Yassa” is a delicious onion sauce that is often served over rice and chicken, “Yassa poulet” or with deep fried fish “Yassa Jen.”

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Couched between the arid desert lands in Northern Senegal and lush tropical forests in the south, this country boasts a stunning array of sights, sounds and flavours. The capital Dakar alone hands you the country in a capsule. Perched on the tip of a beach-lined peninsula, this dizzying city is composed elegance and street hustle all rolled into one. The busy streets, vibrant markets and glittering nightlife will easily draw you into their relentless rhythm, but the escape route is always open – be it to the meditative calm of the historical Île de Gorée or the golden sands of Yoff and N’Gor. And if Dakar’s sensory overload really gets too much, architecturally beautiful Saint-Louis, the first French settlement in West Africa, boasts a vibrant urban culture without the inner-city bustle.

Senegal: back to their roots on an island of tears

Pete Browne takes us on a tour of the museums on the Senegalese island of Gorée, where he finds remnants of Senegal’s colonial past at the House of Slaves

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For a Bel-Air experience of a completely different variety, Senegal’s Point de Bel-Air is just one of the numerous perfect beaches the country has to offer. The beaches afford great sailboarding and swimming, but if you want to see what Senegal has to offer, it’s best not to get too absorbed with the lazy sands. Senegal is blessed with fertile land and a tremendous population of migrating birds, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

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Youssou N’Dour may be a world music star but he’s happiest on home soil. Gavin McOwan heads to Senegal to explore the places that inspire him.

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The coolest place in west Africa, and one of the best countries in the world just to hang out, Senegal is famed for its tropical beauty and thriving arts scene. Its almost-Parisian capital Dakar – often called Grand Dakar – is a decompression chamber for people flying in from Europe, with air-conditioned patisseries amid sprawling slums.

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Senegal is probably best known in the West for producing one of the African continents most successful football teams. What most people don’t realise is that Senegal, seated on the western coast of Africa is a backpacker’s paradise. This country has history and culture in the form of remnants of the French colonial times and the slave trade, as well as stunning beaches and six national parks. Despite its small size Senegal manages to offer everything that a visitor could want.

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