Penguins in South Africa

Earthwatch: South African Penguins

Help protect biodiversity at a World Heritage Site hosting the second largest colony of African penguins on the planet.

Your team will participate in a variety of research activities to monitor the health of this unique island environment, working with several experienced researchers and staff members. You’ll conduct population surveys on penguins and other seabirds to determine their breeding success and survival and help with ongoing trials of a revolutionary new automatic system designed to detect and recognize individual penguins as they pass remote cameras.

South Africa: Plunging Penguin Population Puzzles Professors

Scientists are baffled by the rapid demise of the African Penguin.

Every year tens of thousands of visitors flock to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town to see the waddling birds, inhabitants of one of the world’s few readily accessible colonies.

They may become a still rarer sight if scientists fail to find a way to boost the penguins’ dwindling numbers, which have fallen by more than 50% over the past 30 years. The drop prompted BirdLife International to reclassify the birds earlier this year, from “vulnerable” to “endangered”.

African Penguin – Wikipedia

Disaster struck on 23 June 2000, when the iron ore tanker MV Treasure sank between Robben Island and Dassen Island, South Africa, oiling 19,000 adult penguins at the height of the best breeding season on record for this vulnerable species

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