Wildlife of Sweden


“Because it is one of the world’s most underrated wildlife destinations. Sweden’s vast coniferous forests and pristine lakes and wetlands are packed with exciting species including 2,500 European brown bears, more than 200,000 beavers, 250,000 moose and 200 wolves.”  Simon Birch,  BBC Wildlife magazine

Guide To Swedish Wildlife Nature Travels offers responsible wildlife watching and nature experiences. Good intro to main mammal species.

A taste of Sweden’s first marine park

Abundant sea life, colourful cold-water reefs and wild, car-free countryside at Sweden’s first marine national park in the Koster Islands

Elk and beaver watching in Sweden (The Guardian)

Sweden has the world’s highest density of elk, and on this weekend adventure in the Bergslagen woods, your expert hosts guarantee sightings of the “kings of the forest” as you track them on foot, mimicking their call. Then, at dusk, you quietly canoe Lake Skarsjön, seeking beavers. It’s back to basics: stay in a lakeside hut, bathe in the stream, chop campfire wood and forage for lingonberries for your wilderness dinner.

• Nature Travels (01929 463774, naturetravels.co.uk)

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Birds of Sweden

Migratory birds in Sweden holiday (The Guardian)

Falsterbo in southern Sweden is the spot for the autumn migration of some 500 million birds from northern Europe and Russia. Half a million bramblings and chaffinches can pass in a morning. The lighthouse at Ottenby, where volunteers count the birds as they stream past, is a good base to see their spectacular numbers. The lighthouse is surrounded by heathland, and you can see not only vast flocks of larks, buntings and pipits but also raptors such as honey buzzards, red kites, ospreys, merlins and goshawks.

Jellyfish clog pipes of Swedish nuclear reactor forcing plant shutdown  Oskarshamn nuclear power plant cleared of jellyfish swarm but scienstist say such incidents more likely in future