Lions in Tanzania

Lion by Mark Eichmann.

Recent studies suggest that Tanzania may be home to 50% of the world’s surviving free-ranging lions, with the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater  reputed to be the best place in the world to watch them. Above photo from the Ngorongoro National Park by Mark Eichmann on Flickr.

Video of Serengeti Tanzania Lions Killing a Zebra

Trophy lion’ hunts unsustainable in Tanzania

Lion and leopard numbers in Tanzania will crash unless fewer big cats are killed by trophy hunters.

Trophy or ‘sport’ hunting can be used as a conservation measure, with the money hunters pay being used to help protect a wider population of animals.

Tanzania currently allows about 500 lions and 400 leopards per year to be killed for sport

BBC – Lion attacks on rise in Tanzania

An increase in lion attacks in rural Tanzania threatens both local people and lion conservation efforts, scientists report today in Nature.

A team led by Dr Craig Packer of the University of Minnesota compiled data on lion attacks spanning 15 years.

They found that scarcity of natural prey and abundance of bush pigs, a common crop pest, are the major factors contributing to lion attacks on humans.

They suggest limiting populations of bush-pigs may prevent further attacks.

Lions and People Killing Each Other in Tanzania

Lions have killed more than 560 Tanzanians since 1990, scientists announced today. The victims include children playing outside huts and people dragged from their beds, researchers say.

So Tanzanians are killing lions in increasing numbers, as you might expect.

The solution seems to be in controlling the pigs.

Researchers conclude that bush pigs, an agricultural pest that drives out zebra, impala and other natural lion prey, are to blame.

The lions enter villages searching for pigs and end up attacking people.

Man eating on the increase in African lions

An increase in man-eating behaviour among lions could endanger wildlife as African villagers suffer increased losses, says author Robert R. Frump, just back from a darting expedition in Tanzania.

Tanzania Lions – National Geographic

Man-Eating Lions: Stalking the Spirit Lions – Nature’s most efficient predators are hunting down the people of southern Tanzania. The cats are cunning, hungry, and–some believe–not of this world.