Lizards in Tanzania

Male Agama Lizard by wwarby.

An agama lizard basking in the sun in the Serengeti by wwarby (Flickr)

Almost 200 species of lizards are present Tanzania. None are dangerous, with the possible exception of the monitor lizard, which might give a nasty nip, if sufficiently annoyed. Agama lizards are common sights around the safari lodges.

Tanzanian reptiles

Conspicuous species include the colourful agamas, often seen sunning on koppies in the Serengeti, and the endearing common house gecko, a bug-eyed, translucent white lizard that scampers up walls and upside-down on ceilings in pursuit of insects. Tanzania is the most important centre of chameleon speciation after Madagascar, with 11 endemics listed among three dozen species, most of them associated with relatively inaccessible forests in the Eastern Arc Mountains.

Books about Tanzanian lizards

Pocket Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa (Recommended – An essential guide by all accounts.)