Wildlife areas of Tanzania

Shores of Lake Tanganyika por monojussi.

Photo of Lake Tanganyika shore and the Mahale Mountains

The place was altogether amazing: there was a very short flat shoreline (in some cases on a few feet) and then mountains went up, nearly 1000 meters above the lake.

Chimps rarely came down to the lake shore, but baboons and warthogs and bushpigs loved to play along the lake. By monojussi (Flickr).

Wildlife Areas

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Tanzania National Parks

Tanzania, truly, is a safari destination without peer. The statistics speak for themselves: an unparalleled one-quarter of its surface area has been set aside for conservation purposes, with the world-renowned Serengeti National Park and incomprehensibly vast Selous Game Reserve heading a rich mosaic of protected areas that collectively harbour an estimated 20 percent of Africa’s large mammal population.