Birds of Thailand

Black-crested Bulbul (Pycnonotus melanicterus) by Lip Kee.

There are almost 1000 species of birds present in Thailand. Photo of one of them: a Black-crested Bulbul by Lip Kee (Flickr)

List of birds of Thailand (Wikipedia)

Bird guides to Thailand

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand

Over 250 species are included in this useful guide, and each description is supported by a clear color photograph. Thumbnail silhouettes, identifying visually the different family groups, are shown on the guide pages; these lead the reader quickly to the relevant section of the book.

Birds of Thailand (Princeton Field Guides) Recommended

950 mouth watering species, all beautifully illustrated and expertly described, each with its own distribution map. Birders and all ecologically minded travelers daydreaming of a voyage to this gem of a country will want the latest source of thorough information on its birdlife – in a highly portable, pithy, and vividly illustrated guide. What they will want is Craig Robson’s “Birds of Thailand”. This is a comprehensive field guide written specifically for this magnificent, bird-rich country. It contains 128 full-color plates by expert artists covering every major plumage variation, with juveniles also illustrated where notably distinct from males and females. This is an accurate, up-to-date, and concise text covering identification, voice, habitat and behavior, range, status, and breeding of all species and distinctive subspecies.

Birds of South-East Asia (Field guide to)

This concise edition of the award-winning field guide is both portable and compact, making the book accessible and key species easier to locate.

One reader noted:

Between February and April 2006 I tested my copy in the field while birding in Laos: It is an excellent field guide! It is very practical: plastic cover, compact and light enough for field use, texts and illustrations facing each other, good descriptions of species, relevant sub-species, voices, habitats and ranges. In addition the illustrations by 14 different artists are generally good to very good. I recorded about 160 species in two months

Thailand: A Traveller’s Wildlife Guide (Traveller’s Wildlife Guides) Recommended

This eessential guide features full-colour illustrations of nearly 600 of Thailand’s most common insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and coral fish. It provides up-to-date information on the ecology, behaviour, and conservation of the animals. It offers information on Thailand’s habitats and on the most common plants you will encounter. Brief descriptions of Thailand’s most frequently visited parks and reserves.

One reader statets:

Too heavy to be a pocket book, it conversely constitutes a midget encyclopaedia and ideal inflight or sunbed reading. I like the style; the authors start off with Ecotourism instead of slipping in a list of nature reserves at the very end, as though as an after-thought.

Birdwatching holidays in Thailand

Birdwatching in Thailand provides reliable information on birdwatching in Thailand with the aim of make planning birdwatching vacations to Thailand simple. Includes Thailand Birdwatching Locations Directory – Great photographs of Thai bird species.

Wildlife of Thailand – great photos

Southern Thailand birdwatching: birding tours

Thailand is dominant in Southeast Asian birding. The abundance of tropical birds is unmatched by her neighboring countries. It’s convenient and the birds are plentiful. Khao Sok National Park is certainly one of the most unique bird watching destination in southern Thailand. Khao Sok and Hala Bala are the hornbill capitals of Southern Thailand. Krung Ching is fairly close to Khao Sok and this makes a wonderful combination trip.

Marsh areas such as Thale Noi provide great birding for those interested in seeing water birds. Migratory shorebirds are easy to see from a kayak. The lush jungles, rainforests and marshes of southern Thailand offer birders with many marvelous opportunities.

birdwatching in Thailand with NatureTrails

Thailand situated in South-east Asia, the Indo-Chinese peninsula of the Oriental Region and has been described as a “zoogeographic crossroads”.  Thecountry’s avifauna comprises Sino-Himalayan, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Chinese and Sundaic elements and large number of migrant visitiors from the Palearctic Region.  There are approximately 996 (BCST – Nov 2008) species at present or 10% of the world species are recorded in Thailand.

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