Snakes of Thailand

PhiPhi-FZ181010553 by Rock Portrait Photography.

Thailand is home to well over 100 species of snakes of which 45 or so are venomous. This said, fewer than 20 people are killed in the whole of Thailand a year from snake bites. Above photo a Banded sea krait rests in a cave at low tide by Rock Portrait Photography on Flickr.

Thailand Snakes Conservation Informational website – excellent

There are about 45 species of poisonous Snakes in Thailand, and well over 100 non poisonous snakes. Snakes of Thailand website is here to document each of these fascinating varieties of Snakes inĀ  an entertaining manner, along with lots of visual media such as image galleries and videoclips of the various types of snake to be found in the land of smiles.

Snake Bites and Venom

If you are bitten by a snake in Thailand (extremely unlikely when you consider the statistics; fewer than 20 annual deaths reported per year), you should seek help immediately by going to the nearest Hospital; But you should take note of the appearance and colorings of the snake that bit you in order to help the medics find out which kind of snake has bitten you, as each snake has a different venom, and subsequently its own particular anti-venom as treatment. The Krait and the Cobra as well as pit vipers are the ones to worry about most. This is perhaps the biggest difficulty in treating the bite. Thai Red Cross Society Snake Farm is a place which is highly recommendable to visit whilst in Bangkok, because you can get informed about the different kinds of snakes in Thailand, and take note of which ones are deadly and which not, and try to memorize the important ones as far as appearance, size and coloring goes.

A Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore (Photographic guides)

A compact companion to snakes and reptiles encountered in peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Over 220 species are covered and each description is accompanied by a photograph. Venomous snakes are identified. The introduction contains information on their biology, habitat and behaviour.

These pages on Thai snakes and other venomous animals are also interesting:

Venomous snakes of Thailand

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