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Lynx in the Czech Republic

In Bohemia, the lynx was exterminated in the 19th century (1830-1890) and in Moravia probably at the turn of the 20th century. After 1945, migration from Slovakia created a small and unstable population in Moravia. In the 1980s, almost 20 specimens were imported from Slovakia and reintroduced in the Šumava area. In early 2006, the population of lynx in the Czech Republic was estimated at 65-105 individuals. Hunting is prohibited, but the lynx is often threatened by poachers.

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Birds of Czech Republic

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Birds of the Czech Republic

This is a comprehensive review of the country’s avifauna, and brings together information on the 394 species recorded since 1800. The bulk of the book comprises thorough species accounts describing general biology, breeding and winter densities, status, population trends, distribution, and timing of occurrence. A detailed distribution map showing status in all 76 counties accompanies each account. The book also contains a section on the best birdwatching sites, with access maps and list of breeding and migrating species.

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