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Though less well known as a safari destination and more densely populated than its East African neighbors Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda boasts an extraordinary diversity of habitats, scenery, and wildlife species. The string of protected areas along the western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Albertine Rift, harbors half the world’s mountain gorillas, huge populations of hippos, as well as elephants, chimpanzees, lions, and much more. These species inhabit an exquisite patchwork of habitats including tropical rainforest, East African savannah, lakes and wetlands, and mountain vegetation. The north of the country, along the Sudanese border, is drier, with grasslands inhabited by giraffes and cheetahs as well as traditional pastoral people. The swamps of central Uganda and the southeast, harbor shoebill storks and the national bird, the crested crane.

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NatureUganda (NU) is the operational name of the East Africa Natural History Society (EANHS) in Uganda. EANHS is the oldest conservation NGO in East Africa, which was set up in 1909 as a scientific Organization with the aim of documenting the diversity of wildlife in East Africa. NU’s mission is “Promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature”. In pursuit of this mission, NU strives to create a nature friendly public; enhance  knowledge of Uganda’s natural history; advocate for policies favourable to the environment; and take action to conserve priority species, sites and habitats for the benefit of people

Good News for Gorillas 2008

A recent census conducted by WCS and other groups found that Uganda’s endangered mountain gorillas have increased in number, thanks in part to a thriving ecotourism progra

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