Environmental issues in Uganda

Environmental Issues in Uganda

Many of Uganda’s natural ecosystems are undergoing conversion, degradation and decline in a totally unplanned and uncontrolled manner. Examples include – uncontrolled expansion of agricultural land; the erosion of soils and a decline in their fertility; falling quality and availability of water; unregulated encroachment and degradation of wetlands; encroachment of forest reserves; deforestation and the overgrazing of rangelands; and the invasion of weed species and bush encroachment. With the country’s current population of 22 million people set to double by the end of the next decade, these pressures are bound to be insurmountable without sustainable action at both national and community levels.

Uganda: Environmental Profile (Excellent archive)

Before the rule of Idi Amin, Uganda had a relatively sound environmental record. During his reign (1971-1979), the forests suffered from civil and political strife. From 1971 to 1987, Uganda lost 50 percent of its forests, including virtually all of its primary forests.

Uganda: Lubigi Wetland Faces Extinction

(2010) Lubigi Wetland, a critical water catchment area in Wakiso District is at the risk of getting destroyed due to increased human activities, environment experts have warned.

The wetland, which is home to at least 61 different bird species and a major collection point for water from Kampala, faces threats from deliberate reclamation, agricultural activities and plastic and polythene waste.

Uganda to open its doors to big game hunters (2009) Uganda, which suffered a 90 percent decline in large mammals during the 70s and 80s, has now lifted a decades-long ban on big game hunting, reports the AFP.

Company seeks to log forest reserve for palm oil in Uganda (2010) A company in Uganda is pressuring the environment ministry to allow it to log a protected forest reserve to establish a palm oil plantation, reports.

Ugandan forest being stripped for fuel wood (2010) A new study in the open access journal of Tropical Conservation Science finds that the Kasagala forest reserve in central Uganda is losing important tree species and suffering from low diversity of species. Researchers believe that forest degradation for charcoal and firewood has put heavy pressure on this ecosystem.

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