Amphibians in Vietnam

Photo of a Vietnamese Mossy Frog from Wikipedia here

Vietamese tree frogs – great images

Tree frog genus is the most beautiful amphibians in Vietnam. Sixteen species of tree frogs have been discovered in the country at different heights, from 100 to 3000 m above sea level. Tree frogs live in primary forests only and they need to be protected. Vietnam forest creatures website introduces the beauty of some tree frog species

New species of ‘vampire’ flying frog discovered in Vietnam

This unusual frog has adapted for life in trees, using webbed fingers and toes for moving from great heights and gliding, hence the ‘flying frog’ name. But it’s the strange black ‘fangs’ the species’ tadpoles display which have earned it a vampire nickname. The new species is known only to inhabit a high-elevation area of forest in southern Vietnam, breeding in holes in trees.

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