Monkeys, apes and giboons in Vietnam

List of primates of Vietnam. CR=critically endangered.

Cao vit gibbon

The cao vit gibbon Nomascus nasutus, also known as the eastern black crested gibbon, is the rarest ape in the world after its closest relative the Hainan gibbon (see below). It is only known from one patch of forest on the China-Vietnam border where an FFI survey team rediscovered it in 2002. Recent surveys have recorded about 110 individuals. FFI’s country programmes in China and Vietnam are working together to protect this population on both sides of the border.

Cao Vit Gibbon Conservation Project Profile

Vietnam monkey faces extinction

A black and white monkey that lives exclusively in Vietnam is in severe danger of dying out, the International Primatological Society has warned. Only about 300 Delacour’s langurs are alive today, and experts fear they could be completely extinct by 2014 if the current rate of decline continues.

Scientists Find Endangered Monkeys In Vietnam

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