Saola antelope close to extinction

The Saola antelope (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) was discovered to world science only in 1992, but now stands on the edge of extinction. Already endangered when discovered, the saola inhabits a few remote valleys of the Annamite Mountains along the border of Laos and Vietnam. Snaring and hunting are thought to be its main threats. Read more

2013 update: Saola sighting in Vietnam raises hopes for rare mammal’s recovery The threatened animal photographed in central Vietnanese forest, 15 years after last sighting  in the wild

Photo from Wikipedia

“Saolas stay in mountain forests during the wet seasons, when water in streams and rivers is abundant, and move down to the lowlands in winter. They are shy and never enter cultivated fields or come close to villages. To date, all known captive saolas have been dead, leading to the belief that this species cannot live in captivity.”

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