Dangerous animals in Zimbabwe

Injured buffalo kills Zimbabwean conservationist

A wounded buffalo gored the veteran Zimbabwean conservationist Steve Kok to death, ending his years of dedication to saving wild animals from poachers’ traps, colleagues said yesterday. He was 71.

Crocodile Most Dangerous Animals in Zimbabwe; 13 People Eaten in so far 2005

Crocodiles took a narrow lead over elephants as the most dangerous animal to humans in Zimbabwe this year, a conservation group Crocodiles dragged away and ate 13 people — including children — in the first 10 months of 2005. Buffalo and hippopotamuses, also considered among Africa’s most dangerous animals, killed one person apiece. Lions are reported to have killed 17 cattle belonging to a traditional leader in western Zimbabwe in November, but there were no fatal attacks on humans. Rogue lions who acquire a taste for human prey are usually hunted down.

Camper killed by lions while showering

The man was attacked while using an outside shower at a fishing camp near Mana Pools National Park. The area, located on the Zambesi River, is popular with hunters, most of whom stay in basic camps that offer little protection against attack by wild animals. Eight villagers were killed in a spate of lion attacks over a period of about two months this year, he said. Those attacks only stopped when a pride of lions was killed.

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